Prayer, along with worship, is at the heart of the Sanctuary.

My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations – Isaiah 56:7

Prayer shifts the spirit realm, breaks strongholds and leads to victory, it is something that Jesus taught his disciples to do and encouraged them (and us) to persist in (Matthew 6:9-13, Luke 18:1-8).

We believe that prayer is a lifestyle, a daily communing with the Lord, not out of duty but out of delight. We want to lift up the name of Jesus and gather around his presence.

We are aware that for some, prayer doesn’t have the joy that we know that it should have. If your prayer feels weak that is ok. The power of prayer is in the one who hears and not the one who says it. Talking to God and communing with the Spirit are so simple that they are easy to overlook.

If you struggle to find a set amount of time everyday to spend with the Lord maybe begin by choosing a regular session in the sanctuary to commit to or sign up to ’30 days of prayer’. As you persist you will see the Lord weave it into your lifestyle.

Over time we will have a variety of different prayer sessions for you to engage with and a brief description of each one is below.

Intercessory prayer

In all of our prayer we look for what the Holy Spirit wants to say to us, our intercessory prayer times don’t have an agenda apart from to listen to the Lord and follow his leading in prayer.

Focused intercessory prayer

There are a number of focused prayer sessions that we have on offer. These range from prayer for Britain, prayer for Israel, healing, local community and more. Each of these sessions will have someone leading and guiding.

Contemplative prayer

Contemplative prayer comes in a variety of different forms and there are no set rules. Whatever form it takes the essence will be a thoughtful and engaging reflection on the Word and a ‘fixing’ our eyes on Jesus.

Liturgical prayer

The charismatic church has tended to shy away from any form of liturgical prayer but we believe this form of prayer can be powerful. We encourage you to come along and try a session.

Silent prayer

The Lord says to be still and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10). There is something very profound about waiting on the Lord in silence and listening to all that He has to say. It is an oasis of calm in a busy world.

Praying at night

Night and day prayer is mentioned throughout the Bible and though we don’t have any night sessions currently in our schedule it is something that we really want to see. We do however have a team of people who are praying regularly each night in their homes as part of the 30 days of prayer and we anticipate that these will evolve into the sanctuary schedule.

Praying at night is a key component of night and day prayer and is less about when prayer is happening and more about what is taking place and why – IHOPKC