About Us

We have no doubt that it is the inward gaze on the face of God that will transform our hearts and change the atmospheres and nations of this world.

Founders – Simon and Philippa Baddeley

With a passion for revival and gathering people, Simon and Philippa have committed their lives to seeing a generation who are jealous, night and day, for the presence of God, by carrying the sound of heaven and the message of the kingdom. They are pioneering prophets, visionaries and itinerant ministers with over 25 years in church leadership, and are the founders of The Sanctuary 24/7 prayer worship and prophecy, School of the Prophets, and Prophesyover.me. They have three teenage sons, Tom, Noah and Judah and are based in Dorset, England.

Simon & Philippa are also involved with…

The British Isles Council of Prophets, European Prophetic Summit and the Global Prophetic Consultation. Simon is a Fillling Station Regional Consultant for the South West, and a local Burn 24/7 Director.

They work with the London School of Supenatural Ministry (LSSM), Israel Virtual House of Prayer, HTB’s Marriage Course & Alpha Course, Healing on the Streets, Charismatic, non-denominational, Anglican and Catholic congregations, and are Restoring the Foundations (RTF) single issue trained. They love gathering with people and have ministered (teaching, leading worship and prophetic ministry) extensively around the world, including missions work in nations where the church is persecuted. Simon is also a designer and Philippa is a registered nurse who works in the UK and with foreign relief aid charities abroad.

Legal Accountability, Affiliations & Oversight

The Sanctuary 24/7 is registered as a charity: 1063898

The Sanctuary 24/7 is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and stands by their basis of faith.

As founders and leaders of the Sanctuary 24/7, Simon & Philippa Badddeley actively seek counsel, guidance, and spiritual oversight from Dr. Sharon Stone  and David & Faith Dalley. They also have relational connections with ministries both in the UK and worldwide who speak into their lives regularly.