Our values are the underlying principles of all we do,
they guide us in making decisions, determining priorities and setting goals.

“Every movement I make will be to preserve what I value most”

Mission & Kingdom Focussed

To make central the gospel of Jesus before anything else, and to be founded on the word so that we can be radical pioneers who arise and only do what the Father says.
1 Corinthians 1:18, John 5:19

To pursue a heavenly culture, live a supernatural lifestyle and see heaven released on earth in healing, deliverance, freedom and salvation, living lives that point to Jesus and somewhere that draws people in because of what God is doing.
Luke 4:18

We desire to be a prophetic people, ignited and set ablaze in His presence, going out and spreading His fire to the world.
Matthew 28:19


We are a community of believers that celebrates each and every person, where families can grow and dreams are born.
Romans 12:10

A place that you can call home, where we all build together and are committed to the pursuit of God and love for one another, each walking in our God given identity and destiny, knowing we are loved completely by a perfect God and that together we can make a difference.
Romans 12:5

Night & Day Worship & Prayer

Jesus is worth every second of our time and attention, we long to meet His gaze and the greatest cry of our hearts is to see Him as we keep the fire burning day and night.
Psalms 84:10, Acts 15:16-17

We want to be those who shift history with their prayers and hold the ear of the Lord, who live a life rooted in prayer, knowing that every mighty move of the spirit of God has had its source in the prayer chamber.
Isaiah 42:10-15, Colossians 4:2

The Word
The Spirit

We pursue a lifestyle that is centered around the presence of the Holy Spirit and His leading, where everything we are, and everything we do is founded on an intimate relationship with God.
John 5:19, Ephesians 5:18, Romans 8:14

We love the Bible and see it as the inspired word of God, we regularly drench ourselves in its depths and it is foundational to all that we do.
2 Timothy 3:16


We love to encourage, teach and equip so that everyone can live in the fullness of God, be empowered by His presence and hear His voice.
1 Corinthians 14:1, John 10:27

We are passionate about walking in complete freedom and wholeness through encountering the Father’s love and knowing our identity as sons and daughters.
Luke 4:18