The story so far

The Sanctuary has a clear prophetic blue print, and one that seems to be ever increasing over time. We have tried to be as brief as possible yet remain faithful in recording the journey that God has given us.


After a life changing week of encountering the Lord at IHOPKC (International House of Prayer Kansas City) the vision to see night and day worship and prayer in the UK was birthed.


It was prophesied that we would have worship in the style of the Tabernacle of David and it would crack open the heavens. So we extended our times of worship and prayer, with the aim of it becoming 24/7.


The sanctuary was launched and we began regular prayer and worship sessions and prophetic ministry.  The name was significant as it was a holy place set that had been set aside.


We hosted a team from IHOPKC and unexpectedly had over 1000 people worshipping and praying in a small Dorset town. We felt this was a significant sign of God’s incredible favour to continue pursuing prayer and worship in this region.


We significantly increased the hours dedicated to prayer and worship in the sanctuary and as we did this more and more people were drawn to join. These times have been marked with prophecy, Spirit led intercession and profound moments of knowing His presence.


We had two prophetic words that were consistently given. One was about the loaves and the fish and that as we gave our offering the Lord would multiply it and the other was from the widow’s oil and that as we kept coming before the Lord then He would keep filling us with his presence, so we extended our times in the Sanctuary to give space to what God wanted to do.


There was an ever increasing energy and expectancy that filled the room as people gathered to pray and to worship. We would frequently have the fragrance of the Lord fill the room and frequently saw people healed, delivered and set free. We had profound moments of intercession with testimonies of bilocation, encounters with God and prophecy.


There was a growing sense that the sanctuary needed to transition in order to stay inline with what God was doing, not only in the UK but around the world.


As the year progressed we knew we had to leave our current location and in faith boldly made this step. This meant that we began a journey, much like Abraham (Heb 11:8) where we jumped into the unknown (with regards to funding and a building) in order to be obedient to the vision.

As we passionately pursue the call to night and day worship, prayer and prophecy we welcome you to be part of this journey as we can’t do it alone, if you would like to be involved or to find out more please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.